A Review of Supernatural’s Don’t Call Me Shurley, A Dark Fog Is Investigated by Sam and Dean on Supernatural!

God prefers to be called Chuck and reveals his true identity to the fallen angel, Metatron. After that, we notice a discussion of a two-hander deep dive into what is wrong with God and why would he think about abandoning his creations. It was further explained by Chuck that he prefers hiding in plain sight since he wants a front row seat.

He also reveals as to what he has been doing while the world’s breaking down. God admits that he has been looking at cat photos, signing up for Snapchat, dating girls (and boys), and starting a new book series titled Revolution. He admits that he thinks the latter isn’t going anywhere. Meanwhile, he needs Metatron’s help in finishing his latest project, his autobiography.

He provides a draft which doesn’t bring out the desired reaction, to which he responds, “Last time I saw that look on an editor’s face, I just handed in Bugs.” The autobiography’s glaring omission of God’s sister Amara is criticized by Metatron. He also has problems with the work’s lack of self-indulgence and revelations.

This appears rather ironic, considering the author. The Editorial advice is to Dig deeper. Meanwhile, Chuck returns with a chapter titled, “Why I Never Answer Prayers and You Should Be Glad.” Now we’re getting somewhere!”

When Metatron wanted to know why God created life, Chuck responds that he was lonely and his sister wasn’t really good company. He explained that he is being but she is nothingness. According to him, he thought if he introduced her to something more and better than them, she might change.

Every time he built a new world, she ended up destroying it. Chuck doesn’t feel any responsibility to stop her even though she is back at doing it again. Metatron later considers God to be a coward. Even though his experiments may be failing, humans still don’t wish to give up.

Chuck being revealed as God probably wasn’t that big of a surprise and it has been one of the prevailing fan theories for years now. In ‘Don’t call me Shurley’; we wound up in a funny, emotional and insightful journey, specifically due to the combative/collaborative moments between Metatron and Chuck.

The side story of Sam and Dean was interesting but all of it leads to a gigantic dead end. It seemed like the boys were done in here. Amara decided to invade a small town and they were literally powerless when it came to stopping her.

Being Darkness’ prized pet, Dean was forced to witness everyone falling around him while Sam himself got cooked. The show literally had to pull a Deus Ex Machina in order to save them in the end.

It clearly showed us that Anna is a tremendous adversary and it clearly indicated how high the stakes have reached, although it appeared a little cheap in some aspects. As a whole, the series has been experiencing problems matching the danger levels of Season 5. This was a decent step in the right direction while people enter the Season 11 end game.

However, the God/Metatron stuff appeared quite sizzling to say the least. People are glad that they dedicated so much time to it. In fact, they did it so much that the brothers’ tale felt more like a backdrop.

Chuck turning out to be God wasn’t too surprising but there was some great stuff featured in the faux prophet’s time in BJ’s Cantina “getting the band back together” with the angel who attempted to evilly take his place for some time.