A Review of Supernatural’s Don’t Call Me Shurley, A Dark Fog Is Investigated by Sam and Dean on Supernatural!

Curtis Armstrong delivered a great performance and managed to show all shades of Metatron. He was high-spirited, quippy, bitter and doubtful and in the end, he was an emotional, teary-eyed fierce defender of humanity. He was someone who impressively called out God on his own shortcomings. He even managed to incite his wrath at one point.

Rob Benedict managed to provide some interesting stuff as a defeatist God who was quite willing to let his sister knock over the sand castle again. In the final verdict, there was no wow element that we were hoping for in ‘Don’t call me Shurley’.

The show managed to make some ground with a compelling, dominating and sometimes funny story between Metatron and God along with the Almighty’s needs of completing his memoirs.

We saw Dean checking on a downed officer in the latest still from Supernatural. Amara unleashes a dark fog on a small town in the latest ‘Don’t call me Shurley’ and it causes everyone in the town to go mad.

Meanwhile, Dean and Sam realize that there is a stronger version of the Black Vein virus which was previously released by Amara. They teamed up with the sheriff to protect the town but their old remedy ceases to work. At the same time, Chuck returns with an interesting proposal.

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