Boom Beach: Mega Crab Event Finally Underway After a Long Period of Teasing Through Hilarious Dr. T Ads!

At the beginning, players will be given three attack tokens and they can gain more of these by completing stages. Players will have the ability to store a maximum of seven attack tokens. Once players run out of tokens, they will have to wait to gain a new one, which will take a time of three hours.

Some tips provided by Supercell points out that players will need to choose their troops strategically and boost their statues in order to beat the stages of the Mega Crab event. This event will be a great opportunity for players to rake up huge amounts of resources by progressing through the innumerable stages that it will bring with it.

The Highest Scores of the event will be available for viewing online from January 18. However, the high scores of players in the same local time zone will be available for viewing within the game.

This is a time-based event and players should note that they have 7 days to take advantage of the features of the event. Supercell has confirmed that the damage inflicted on the Mega Crab will be persistent which is good news as the progress of a player will not be reset on the next attack in case he or she wipes during an attack on the mechanized crab.

Sty tuned for more update on Boom Beach.