Boom Beach: Mega Crab Event Finally Underway After a Long Period of Teasing Through Hilarious Dr. T Ads!

Boom Beach is a mobile strategy game developed by Supercell and released on March 26, 2004 for the platforms of iOS and Android. It has had an earlier soft release in Canada on November 11, 2013.

The game’s location is an archipelago which is located in the tropical region. Players will be given an island in the archipelago on which they can build and upgrade their base. The gameplay of Boom Beach shares reminiscence with another immensely popular game from the Supercell stable- Clash of Clans.

The game just got a brand new update in the form of Dr. T’s ‘Mega Crab’ Event. Earlier announcements from Supercell stated that the event is scheduled to begin on 15th January and it will last for a period of 7 days.

A series of advertisements was released by the developers that teased the event for quite some time before it finally made its appearance on 15th January. Dr. T who is labelled as a mad scientist featured in these ads and a major development for the game was hinted at in the ads.

The ads which were both funny and interesting caught the attention of millions of viewersall across the globe. The mad scientist who was seen gearing up to unleash his latest weapon on Boom Beach players in these ads.

Dr. T took over the airwaves on Christmas Day with the help of a spot via Barton F.Graf 9000. It was aired on a number of channels that included ESPN which was at that moment broadcasting an NBA game between Warriors and Cavaliers.

The intro ad showed the mad scientist declaring that he has taken over all the airwaves. He proclaimed himself as the worst villain in the Boom Beach universe and then went on to have a go at the strategies used by Boom Beach players within the game.

His antics came to an end with the announcement that he will drop his latest weapon on Boom Beach players in three weeks’ time on January 15.

The bald genius then went on to appear in a number of other ads which showed various aspects of the character. In one ad a crowbar wielding tortoise was shown, which is actually a weapon that already exists in Dr. T’s arsenal. In another he tried to make the grit-in-the-eyes sneak attack by throwing sand at the camera!

In one of the ads it was revealed that the mad scientist has some sort of weakness for blackberry licorice. The ads are available for viewing on the official YouTube account of Boom Beach.

Apart from these series of ads, Supercell also used other techniques to hype the new event. Nickatnyte who is a mobile game vlogger was sent a huge package that teased the arrival of the new weapon. The contents of the package included a clock which was set to countdown to the day of the big reveal, a pack of wipes reading and a music box of Dr. T which played a sinister tune.

The big weapon was finally revealed on January 15th and it turned out to be huge mechanical crab. It should be noted that only players who have reached Headquarters level 7 or higher will be able to take part in the Mega Crab event.

The giant robotic Mega Crab will reportedly make an appearance from the ocean near the homebase of the player. It is actually a base in the shape of a huge mechanized crab.

The event will come with numerous stages and the difficulty level of these stages will increase as a player gradually makes progress through them.

Players can speed up their progress along the levels by using lesser attacks for a stage. The lesser the number of attacks that players use for a level, the faster they will be able to advance to the next level.