Beyonce Pregnancy Rumors, Kelly Rowland Talks About Growing Her Family, And More Details

Celebrities will always have to hear flaks about everything they do; the recent theory that’s doing the rounds is the Kate Middleton has pulled a Beyonce. Like Beyonce never looked pregnant and bloated, but ended up giving birth to Blue Ivy and looked as wonderful as she always does, Kate Middleton has supposedly walked the same path.

Kate Middleton looked gorgeous and radiant in her first photo after giving birth to a baby girl and this has started a storm of attacks. Russians have claimed in a paper that the royal family have used a surrogate.

Kate Middleton never looked like she was tired and exhausted even while pregnant and the rumour about her morning sickness was spread to account for the fact that she had never put on any pregnancy weight.

These speculations and theories are completely baseless and ridiculous! There were numerous instances where Kate got sick while on her official duties as the Duchess of Cambridge.

Being a duchess and a famous singer, these women have at their disposal what many young new mothers don’t- a team dedicated to making them look beautiful. Both Beyonce and Kate Middleton had their dresser, personal assistant and stylist with them at the hospital, who spend hours to decide on what they would wear on their first public appearance after pregnancy and then prepared them for that particular moment.

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