Ariana Grande: Raking In Money With Her Tours, Breakup With Big Sean Not Amicable, Teaming Up With The Rixtons, And More

Everyone will agree that breakups are bad, especially so if you a celebrity and have the limelight constantly on you. Ariana Grande and Big Sean who were all over the internet with their relationship and were considered to be the cutest thing ever, have called it quits.

At least for Ariana Grande, she has her music to distract her and keep her occupied. Billboard has confirmed that Grande’s Honeymoon Tour has taken the number one slot on the list of Hot Tours with the box-office details, as reported after the North American segment of the tour.

Ariana is also reported to have topped the list for the highest earner from tours. This finding is based only on the last few weeks of March when 13 shows from her tour were on. The last week’s total of $6.7 million has been raked in from the 12 shows that Ariana Grande performed during the initial segment of the tour in USA and Canada.

Looks like Ariana Grande has a reason to be happy after all even though the break up with rapper Big Sean was a nasty one. The initial report was that the breakup was an amicable one, but later on it was revealed that it wasn’t amicable at all and the two haven’t spoken since.

Big Sean was very upset after Ariana Grande got all hot and heavy on stage with Justin Beiber. He broke up right after and has strong negative feeling for her. He has told his close friends that he finds her very selfish and immature.

Problems started when Ariana missed Big Sean’s performance in the House of Blues in West Hollywood because she was busy with the Grammy’s. Things just turned messier when Ariana Grande and Justin Beiber engaged in PDA during their performance. It is said that Ariana was disappointed with the way Big Sean reacted to the whole incident and went ahead with his decision to end things.