Beyonce Pregnancy Rumors, Kelly Rowland Talks About Growing Her Family, And More Details

It was earlier this year that the rumour about Beyonce being pregnant started doing the rounds. This news excited the fans greatly and everyone kept on talking about Blue Ivy’s sibling to be.

So what sparked this sudden rumour about Beyonce being pregnant? It was a photo that she shared on her Instagram account, where she is buried in the sand and it looks like she has a baby bump that couldn’t be concealed.

There was some scepticism about the photo and the supposed baby bump, but the appearance of Beyonce and husband Jay Z at the LA Lakers game soon confirmed the doubt. People started believing that Beyonce was indeed pregnant.

The singer was spotted wearing a wrap dress that was body hugging and photos showed her holding her tummy and trying to hide a bump. The couple hadn’t confirmed this rumour, but there were sources that claimed that Beyonce was indeed pregnant and she and Jay Z were waiting for a perfect moment to make the big announcement.

Beyonce’s pregnancy news was a welcome relief for most fans because there were rumours about Beyonce and Jay Z ending their seven year old marriage after reports of his infidelity surfaced. The pregnancy rumor immediately put an end to the report about the couple ending their relationship and the focus on when the big reveal will happen. The world was waiting and they still are.

While Beyonce isn’t pregnant with her second child, her friend and fellow member of Destiny’s Child Kelly Rowland is already planning her second baby. The mother of a baby boy has already made plans about having another baby and growing her family.

Rowland said that her boy and Beyonce’s daughter have already become firm friends and the two get along well and play together. With her kid growing, Kelly Rowland is focusing on her career.