Gameplay Issues Persisting After Latest Battlefield Hardline Update amidst Talks of New Community Test Environment, More Details Here

Last week, Battlefield Hardline gamers downloaded their first major Patch and since then, some members of the Multiplayer community are quite unsatisfied with the latest update. Players have been waiting for a lot of gameplay and weapon balance tweaks and after so many weeks, it seems like Visceral Games has failed to satisfy its impatient fan base. Two members of the Battlefield Hardline Reddit community started posts and triggered the release of mounting displeasure from Hardline Veterans and Novices alike.

The Battlefield Hardline Patch#1 was advertised as an update needed to improve the weapon balance as a lot of gamers felt like many guns from Visceral’s assortment were quite overpowered when compared to other firearms. There are also others who feel that Visceral should have done more than simply reducing the damage count of weapons that still remain quite harmful. Visceral’s lack of support is viewed as egregious, keeping in mind the several weeks it took to develop the latest Patch update.

There are many glaring balance issues for rifles like the Scout Elite and the Sniper Rifle. It remains the fastest firing sniper in Battlefield Hardline and also the one with the highest bullet velocity. For the latest released patch, it was earlier expected that such issues would be rooted out but sadly they weren’t. Furthermore, there are also problems that exist beyond just weapons.

In the Team Deathmatch Multiplayer mode, the problems of spawn killing have become quite rampant. Players suggested that the developers should create a polarized spawn system in order to overcome this issue. For example, in DICE’s Battlefield 4, the method keeps spawning combatants away from the action in order to give them a moment to configure their gear.

It needs to be kept in mind that making an integral change such as that would take a much longer time than fixing weapon balances. Battlefield Hardline features as many as 64 players on one map and with such populated scenarios, issuing an update like that could be potentially impossible. After having such large number of players, it is impossible to have a few vacant spots for a spawn point in any Multiplayer Match.