Gameplay Issues Persisting After Latest Battlefield Hardline Update amidst Talks of New Community Test Environment, More Details Here

Meanwhile, professional Battlefield player ProjectileTeeth used Reddit to remind gamers that changes like these come in the form of small waves. Apparently, the game never reaches a level of complete perfection as adding something new always results in the birth of new flaws. As a result, the small assortment of fixes in a certain patch is a mere indication that more updates is bound to come. In early April, DICE announced that they would bring a major update to Battlefield Hardline in the coming weeks. After 18 months since the release of Battlefield Hardline, balance tweaks are still a common issue among multiplayer gamers.

In the meantime, Visceral has announced that Battlefield Hardline will soon get a community test environment. It will be similar to that of Battlefield 4, where PC players get the opportunity to get early access to patches and new features. The launch of the CTE will take place sometime in May while the first update set for community testing is one of Hardline’s latest maps. It will come as a part of the Criminal Activity Expansion. The information regarding the sign-up process will be released on the Hardline newsfeed.

Stay tuned for more updates on Battlefield Hardline!