Ariana Grande: Raking In Money With Her Tours, Breakup With Big Sean Not Amicable, Teaming Up With The Rixtons, And More

It looks like Big Sean’s hatred for Ariana is making him turn towards his ex Naya Rivera, whom he had dumped to be with Ariana Grande. Hollywood Life has reported that he is very disappointed about the way he had treated her and is ashamed of dissing her out in public and is trying to apologize and amend things

However, Naya is not giving any attention to Big Sean. She is too busy focusing on being a new mom and mother. Like Ariana and Sean, Naya and Sen had had a nasty break up in 2014.

Rixton has teamed up with Ariana Grande on a few of her performances in the US and they are set to do so again in the O2 Arena in London. Rixton comprises of Bassist Charley Bagnell, drummer Lewi Morgan and lead vocal Jake Roche and base Danny Wilkins. Being young, they get on well with the 21 year old Ariana very well.

They believe that she likes them because they are normal. She can forget everything and have a normal conversation with them.

Ever since starting out six years ago, the group has a come a long way and they often wonder about how life has changed for them after performing at New York’s famous Madison Square Garden.