Fans Keep Speculating about Bethesda’s E3 Revelation, E3 Invite Teases Dishonored 2, Doom 4 but No Fallout 4, And More Information

Bethesda’s official presentation at E3 is getting closer and gamers are currently speculating a lot on what they can expect at this year’s E3. Right now, there are not many possibilities and three titles are important enough to get this kind of treatment. Currently, most fans are divided between Fallout 4, Dishonored 2 and a brand new Elder Scrolls title. All of these possibilities seem highly probable but gamers are mainly focused on declarations regarding Dishonored 2.  As always, we are not aware of what Bethesda is planning and they are highly reluctant to share any information regarding their upcoming releases.

We have to admit that they deserve a lot of praise for keeping this a secret for such a long time now. There are many different kinds of rumors that are surrounding the studio’s work and it must get quite difficult at a certain point. In the end, they could end up losing a lot from a major leak about this title. They are probably aware of this fact themselves. Dishonored 2 will need to bring something that will revive people’s interest in this upcoming title.

The first game was well celebrated and many people have commended its authentic art style and approach to the story. At the same time, there was some negativity regarding the attitude of the protagonist and users have claimed that the actual gameplay clashed with that. If the new game wishes to fix this, they need to focus more on the various action sequences. Meanwhile, some fans are being more hopeful. Although it is highly unlikely, some users are expecting to see more than one game released in this year E3 event. If that really happens, it could be a major revelation that blows the roof off!

The entire speculations sound quite fantastic but at the moment it’s nothing more than wishful thinking. It is difficult to think of it as a realistic prediction for multiple reasons. The main reason is that the studio wishes to get maximum exposure for whatever games they wish to announce. If they announce two separate titles, there are chances of them clashing with each other. At the same time, the fan bases of these three franchises have some major overlaps as well.