Beyoncé Caught Giving Side-Eye to A Random Person During NBA Finals, Facing Lawsuit for The Trailer of Lemonade!

An option to add some amount of extra money while purchasing the tickets of Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour was given to fans and the final amount raised in the process stands at $82,234. It was also revealed that 14 high school students from around the area of Detroit were chosen to receive “college gifts”. This would reportedly help them with their education.

Beyoncé was recently seen sneezing during a concert of her Formation World Tour. The concert was held on June 7 at Citi Field in New York City.She was about to sing Love on Top, however, she felt the urge to sneeze just before that. She picked her arm up and placed it around her face and let out the sneeze.

There were 45,000 people present at the concert and the entire audience shouted back Bless You to her after her sneeze! That is quite a response for a simple sneeze!

Beyoncé has dedicated her performance of the Halo to the victims of the Orlando shooting. It was during her concert in Detroit, that she decided to honor the victims of the tragic shooting through her performance. The song was dedicated to the families that lost their close ones during the incident.

Just before performing the song, she stated- “I’d like to dedicate (‘Halo’) to all of the family members who lost family members in Florida.”

Another renowned singer, Adele too recently dedicated her performance in Belgium to the victims and their families.

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