Beyoncé Caught Giving Side-Eye to A Random Person During NBA Finals, Facing Lawsuit for The Trailer of Lemonade!

Beyoncé Knowles is an American singer, actress, songwriter and record producer who was born on September 4, 1981. She is currently in the news for giving a side-eye to a person during the NBA finals. Beyoncé was present at the NBA finals and she sat beside husband Jay Z. Another man by the name of Steve Cespedes sat beside Jay Z and at one point of time Beyoncé was seen giving a side-eye to the man.

The moment was captured on camera and it was uploaded to social media. It soon started to make a storm on social media and Steve decided to bring the matter to the attention of Beyoncé.

Beyoncé then came up with a quirky idea. She asked Steve to take a photo of them together in which she would actually stare at him! Steve took the photo and it was posted by him on social media. He stated that he was the guy in the previous picture. He also revealed that taking this picture was Beyoncé’s idea. Steve added that both Beyoncé and Jay Z were extremely polite to him.

In other news, a lawsuit has been filed against the renowned singer-songwriter for the trailer of her film Lemonade. The lawsuit has been filed by Matthew Fulks who is an indie filmmaker. In his lawsuit, Fulks claimed that certain elements of the trailer have been copied from his short film titled- Palinoia.

Matthew Fulks, who is the creative director of WDRB that is located in Louisville, Kentucky stated that five months before the shooting began for Lemonade, members of Beyoncé’s creative contacted him in regards to his film Palinoia.

He had reportedly sent out a link to the film to a number of people associated with Beyoncé which includes Bryan Younce, who is in charge of creating videos for her. Apparently, Younce received the link back in July 2015.

He acknowledged to the fact that he received some information from Fulks regarding the film through email. Fulks was also asked to submit a treatment for consideration by Columbia Records.

In the lawsuit it has been stated that the trailer contained certain elements that were similar to the Palinoia. However, the content of Lemonade was not limited to Palinoia. Some of the elements of the trailer that are similar to that of Palinoia include- ‘graffiti and persons with head down’, ‘parking garage’ and ‘red persons with eyes obscured’.

A particular song contained in the Lemonade album by the name of Formation also became a center of controversy when the director and producer of the documentary That B.E.A.T- Abteen Bagheri and Chris Black stated that a part of their film has been used by Beyoncé in the video of Formation.

A representative of Beyoncé- Yvette Noel-Schure later revealed that suitable compensation has been provided to the concerned people for the usage of parts of the documentary in the video of Formation.

It has been reported that her album Lemonade has sold more than 1 million copies in United States. It sold 56,000 copies in its second week and the total sales at the end of that week stood at 1.051 million.

Just in the recent past, it was announced by Parkwood Entertainment that fans of Beyoncé has raised $82,234 for the United Way of Genesee County. This money will be donated for the welfare of people who are affected by the Flint water crisis. It should be mentioned here that Parkwood Entertainment is owned by Beyoncé.