Popular Character Set To Die In Attack on Titan, Story On Its Way To End, Game Becomes Popular In The West!

The creator of Attack on Titan anime has been clear about the fact that they will stay loyal to the original story of the manga. The delay in Attack on Titan was because the manga wasn’t four story arcs away. Now with the manga released, the fans can be reassured of the fact that Attack on Titan is going to be out soon.

Tetsuro Araki, the director of Attack on Titan had been adamant that he wouldn’t deviate from the original story of Attack on Titan created by the manga creator, Hajime Isayama. Isayama had made it very clear that Tetsuro Araki will not be able to work on the anime until the original story is four story arcs away.

The recently released manga shows the Colossal Titan fight against Eren and Armin. When the Colossal Titan starts to defeat the Rogue Titan, Armin comes up with a new plan. Armin decides to sacrifice himself in order to make sure that Rogue Titan can put in a death punch to Colossal Titan. However, this causes one of the most beloved characters of the series to be killed.

There already were rumors suggesting that Armin will be killed in Attack on Titan, but now with the manga going in the same way, fans of the anime will have to come to terms with the fact. With Armin’s character being killed, Enstarz has reported that Hajime Isayama might be heading towards wrapping the manga up. Many of the popular characters have been killed, and from the way it has been shaping up, it looks like Attack on Titan is going to end up in a bang.

Since Tetsuro Araki follows the plot laid out by Hajime Isayama, he is also in the habit of killing off characters with no mercy. Given that the manga has been dealing with story arcs that are very interesting, the fans can be assured that Attack on Titan is going to be more intense than the earlier episodes.

The plot of Attack on Titan deals with Eren Jaeger who decides to become a Titan hunter after his entire family and village is destroyed by the Titans. The anime is slowly catching up to the manga, but it has to explore some of the most exciting plot arcs in the coming season and Tetsuro Araki and his team has to work hard to make sure that the plot and characters are true to the original.

Tetsuro Araki had promised the fans that he will try to come out with Attack on Titan by this year, but that doesn’t look like a possibility since he had to wait for the manga to go forward by two story arcs.

He didn’t want to proceed with his original story since he knew that would disappoint the fans. He has assured the fans that he would go ahead and make sure that he and his team work hard to give the fans the anime in record time and now fans are waiting for the work to be completed.

The fans of the anime know that the work at hand isn’t an easy one since the creators will have to work on hundreds of storyboards and character sketches before the final product can be sealed. They know that rushing the process will not help and have hence decided to give Tetsuro Araki and his team time to finish their work.