Jaden Smith Signs a Contract with Talent agency William Morris Endeavour, Teases Fans About the Possible Recent Release of His Album!

Jaden Smith, the super famous son of Hollywood’s two mega stars, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, who became the apple of Hollywood’s eye, when he achieved overnight stardom at a very tender age, after his movie The movie, Pursuit of Happyness featured his debut in the year 2007. The young actor even won the MTV Movie Awards that year for Breakthrough Performance.

However, this 17-year-old model and rapper has been recently on the news because of his controversial older girlfriend, Sarah Snyder. Sarah is 21 years old, making her 4 years older than Jaden, a fact about which,reports are that the Smith family weren’t too thrilled to begin with.

Things got out of hand, when recently a few Instagram videos surfaced of the 21-year-old model, sniffing a white powdery substance, which was allegedly cocaine; while another controversial photo of her was also leaked that featured her with a tongue filled with multiple pills, which were in all probability, Xanax.

It was widely reported that Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, were furious with their son Jaden, and have expressed their strong desire to Jaden about discontinuing his relationship with her. Apart from this incident, Jaden’s girlfriend also has a shady history.

In the February of 2015, Sarah was arrested on charges of grand larceny, although charges were dropped, she had admitted, it damaged her reputation, as big fashion companies were hesitant to work with her after that incident.

However, if we ignore these minor hiccups in Jaden’s life, this 17-year-old model, actor and rapper has been rather busy and successful in his professional life. In a recent report from Jaden Smith 2016, Deadline revealed that the young actor has signed up with a big-shotHollywood talent agency that is known by the designation William Morris Endeavour or simply WMD. Previously, Jaden Smith, had been with Paradigm.

He will continue to be represented by Westbrook Entertainment’s Miguel Melendez, while his attorney too remains unchanged; which continues to be Jason Sloane. This signing of contract couldn’t have presented itself at a busier and more crucial time at Jaden’s life.

Jaden shall be seen playing the role of Marcus “Dizzee” Kipling, an enigmatic graffiti writer who is psychedelically talented. He is playing this role for Netflix’s upcoming show, The Get Down, which is the brain child of Buz Luhrmann.

The TV series is expected to release on the 12th of August this year, this music- driven drama is set in the 1970’s New York city. This will be the actor’s first appearance in a TV series. The picture showing Jaden Smith, in Netflix’s The Get Down promotion recently made headlines, it showed the actor sporting an Afro wig.

The 17-year-old recently teased on a major detail about his upcoming music album on Twitter. On early morning of 19th June, he posted a cryptic photo on his twitter account with the caption “Ye?”. This lead fans to speculate that Jaden might very well be on the verge of releasing an album soon, with Kanye West.

Although, it couldn’t be made sure who the person in the photo was, as it was blurry but if allowed to speculate, our best guess would be that the blurry image was that of Kanye as everybody calls him Ye. Plus, the image being taken inside a studio further supports the album theory.

Jaden had tweeted earlier on in the 5th of June 2016, the words Finish your album Jaden. It seems that Jaden wanted to leave himself a motivational memo despite his busy schedule. The actor is busy with a flurry of activities, recently he was appointed the ambassador for Louis Vuitton’s new line of clothing.