Jaden Smith Signs a Contract with Talent agency William Morris Endeavour, Teases Fans About the Possible Recent Release of His Album!

Louis Vuitton chose him keeping in mind his natural tendency towards gender fluidity. The clothing line made him the face of its new line which in not specifically intended for neither men nor women, it is broadly inspired by the androgynous approach and is attempting to revolt against the archaic norms of gender conformity, in clothing style.

Jaden Smith, who has a net worth of $8 million, was recently linked to The Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg. The news of this link-up started after Jaden, famously and openly went to prom with her.

What made the news though, was not the high profile teens but the fact that Jaden in his non-conforming style had decided to skip the formal attire of Tuxedo and instead had sported a skirt to the Hollywood event.

Apart from that Jaden has been an open supporter of the LGBT community, in fact there even was a little speculation whether he himself is LGBT. As of now all his link-ups have been with girls and he also has a relationship with Sarah Snyder. The only entrance he has into the LGBT community seems to be through his choice in clothing.

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