Battlefield 1 Release Date Confirmed Along With The Date Of The Release Of Its Beta, DICE Takes The Weather Of The Game To Another Level

All of these weather settings will occur randomly based on the characteristics of each map. This should keep online battles interesting by offering challenges to the gamers when the beta comes out on August 31.

By EA DICE’s pledge to historical accuracy, the operations in the campaign mode portray legitimate historical moments from the First World War. In a demo that was out the gamers were playing posed as soldiers from the Ottoman Empire, defending their land against the British troops. Their weapons ranged from zeppelins to bayonets in keeping with the times.

One of the lesser well-known elements from the period that is being featured in this game from the World War One era is the Harlem Hellfighters, who were a significant even if sadly little known troop of African-American soldiers who fought in France. They are a chief part of the game’s marketing.

It is thanks to this game, Battlefield 1 which many people will be acquainted with these unsung heroes now. Kudos to the developers of Battlefield for learning from the controversy faced by them in the past and making an effort.

Are you excited about the upcoming launch of Battlefield 1? Stay tuned for more updates.