The Struggle For Survival Is Back Yet Again And This Time With A New Theme And A New Concept, Inspiring Stories From The Contestants Stating Their Struggles

Ever wondered what it would feel to be stranded on an island and then left to fend for yourself? To provide food, shelter, and clothing and have it all recorded for the national television and playing for whopping prize money of $1,000,000. Sounds challenging? It is.

The survivor or the American version of the international reality television show which mainly revolves around the contestants survival strategies after they are marooned on an island. The show which is a very popular one is set to premiere its 33rd season that is named as Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X on September 21, 2016.

And it looks like the Australian Survivor has managed to grab people’s attention already just after airing two episodes because of the channel Ten Network has decided to extend the show to their nights per week after the gradual rise in the TRP of the channel after the two episodes of the show.

Ten is set to air an extra Tuesday night to the preceding Monday and Sunday nights, putting it against The Block on Nine and Zumbo’s Just Desserts on Seven. The latest version of the show has had an average of 7,083,000 metro viewers for the main show and around 7,084,000 viewers for the first tribal council.

When the chief programming officer of the channel, Beverly McGarney was asked about this all, he said that they are very pleased with how the Australian Survivor has started off and that the show has encased and attracted a solid number of audiences on television and even social media.

He further added that due to this great response to the show the channel has decided to increase the time slot and capitalize on that by giving the viewers more of what they are asking for, But the increased frequency of the show indirectly means the show is going to run for a shorter period.

On the other hand, the American survivor that is set to return on September 21 2016 for it’s 33rd season with unthinkable twists and 20 adventurous castaways is all about the theme that is set around it. The theme is rumored to be something relating to tribes based off on generations.

The 33rd season which is named as Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen x is sure to leave people baffled and thinking. The Producers of the show have cast ten millennials and 10 Generation Xers who will be marooned on an island to fend for themselves and outsmart the fellow contestants for the grand prize.

Now, what or who are Millennials and Generation Xers, you ask? Let me just guide you through it then.

Millennials are simply known as the largest living generational group as over the data provided by Pew research center and the people falling into the category age between the ages of 18 to 34.

While on the other hand, Generation Xers are the group or more precisely the generation group that is born between the early 1960s and the early 1980s. The host for the show Jeff Probst said that the new season was rooted from the want to see a younger player on the show.

He further stated in an interview that according to him it’s like a collision, a collision between old and new ideas and that with the changing culture this is a very fun twist that has never happened in any other season of Survivor.

The show which is set to premiere in September this year has 20 castaways out of whom two are from South Florida.

One of them named as Justin Starret is 27 years old. He is very well appreciated himself on his own, says that he is a very charming guy and that he loves to make people feel good about themselves. He further clarified saying that he can make people love him and that he invests his time in them and appreciates people a lot.

The team of millennials on the Vanna tribe comprises of people from a professional gamer, Barista, homeless shelter manager to even high school student.