The Struggle For Survival Is Back Yet Again And This Time With A New Theme And A New Concept, Inspiring Stories From The Contestants Stating Their Struggles

While the opening team or the Generation x tribe who are also called Takali tribe include a youth pastor, a police sergeant, TV writer, an attorney and even a Wachter.

And the youth pastor for the Generation X tribe is a Survivor and not just for the show but in real life as well. Sunday Burquest, a survivor of breast cancer four years ago and who even almost lost her husband a year before that said, that if she can survive such terrible mishaps, she can survive Survivor as well.

The cancer survivor and mother of four said that she connects to the theme of the show and wants to try out her skills and strategies.

In a recent interview, Sunday revealed that around six or seven years ago when she talked to her kids about trying out for the show, they were dead on sure that their mother won’t even survive a day if she participates. Well.. someone had to prove them wrong, didn’t they?

Not just Sunday, but 18-year-old Will Wahl shared his history and his inspiration to try out for the show and said that he applied once, then four to five months later he found himself on a flight to LA for the finals week on the show. Pretty crazy, isn’t it?

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