Battlefield 1 Release Date Confirmed Along With The Date Of The Release Of Its Beta, DICE Takes The Weather Of The Game To Another Level

Battlefield 1 release dates were announced on the 22nd of August by the developers of the game, EA DICE. The developer also confirmed that Battlefield 1 would be out on October 13 for the subscribers of EA/Origin Access, while Early Enlisters will be able to access the game on October 18. For everyone else on the planet sadly it will only be within grasp on October 21.

However, the good news is that you won’t have to wait until October to play the game. The developer of the game, EA DICE, recently stated that they would release a beta version of Battlefield 1 before its arrival. Battlefield 1 Beta has been confirmed for a release this August.

Battlefield 1 Beta will be arriving for all three platforms, Xbox One, PS4 and PC on the 31st of August. The beta will comprise of the Sinai Desert map and two game modes that include Conquest and Rush.

Conquest, which is an unparalleled fan favorite of players since the beginning, is a large scale game mode, having up to 64 players fighting over the control of key objectives. Featuring large armies on foot or from behind the wheel, there is also the addition of some fearsome Behemoths.

The conquest brings together all the elements of the trademark Battlefield of full-on war feel.

The other mode, Rush, is a 24 player mode. In it the Attacking Force has to find and extinguish the Defending Force’s Telegraph Posts, which are used to call in artillery strikes.

The Defenders are in a position to deny the Attackers their mission by disarming explosives planted by the Attackers on the telegraph positions. If the Telegraph Posts are demolished the Defenders have to fall back to the following sector and defend the Telegraph Posts present there.

It should be noted that to play the content in Battlefield 1 beta, the developers EA stated that an Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus subscription might be needed.

The map will reportedly showcase sandstorms and extreme weather formation that will change the appearance and feel of the level. The game’s audio will also change by the moving of the sandstorms.

Taking a break from the long list of games, having scripted weather Battlefield 1 is providing gamers with something exciting here. After seeing a fair bit of Battlefield 1 gameplay in the past few weeks, gamers have been treated to hours of footage from St. Quentin Scar and the Sinai Desert, the two maps offered in the game.

The maps are utterly different from one another, right from their setting, to the time of day to the dynamic weather that each display. Not to mention the changes that the weather of each map brings. DICE is keen to raise this dynamic weather beyond simply being a gimmick.

For those who have played Battlefield 4’s Paracel Storm and remember the sandstorm which covered the entire map up in Gulf of Oman’s remake; Battlefield 1 takes it a step further and adds dynamic weather to every multiplayer map.

DICE said in a new developer update that the feature is designed to bring changes to how each map plays, which is beyond the player’s control. For instance, a dense fog might limit a sniper’s spotting and long-range abilities, turning an open map into a lesser focused one due to low visibility.

Another factor to consider is the rain. Even though it is not going to be as game changing as some of the other factors, rest assured it will distort your vision to some extent. This will make it tougher to sense the presence of enemies.

The rain adds an extra element of risk for the pilots by forcing them to get closer to the ground while spotting targets.