The Bachelor Australia: Compilation Of Drama, Romance And Heartbreaks All Packed Into One, Ten More Ladies In The House

When you are on a conquest to find yourself a date on the national television, surrounded by beautiful and gorgeous ladies, each one better than the other, the task sure may seem tough and the decision may be harder than it looks. But this season’s Bachelor Richie Strahan is having a tough time among all the ladies.

Everyone was left a bit shocked when this week’s Bachelor episode had to bid goodbye to two lovely ladies instead of one. Richie, who is now one step closer to finding the lady of his dreams, left two contestants, Noni and Khalia rose-less on his quest to finding love.

Steph and Faith who landed themselves a single date with Richie before the rose ceremony were the ones who received the roses first, while bacon lover, Noni and horse enthusiast Khalia had to say their goodbyes when Richie didn’t give them the roses.

Noni, when caught for an interview said that this experience till date has been a great one for her and that it all felt like living in a sorority house, when asked about Richie and her relationship she mentioned that they are better off being friends and that there are no hard feelings involved.

When asked the same to the ex-contestant Khalia, who is a law student at present said that Richie had always appeared to as a very nice and charming guy to her and if given a chance to have met outside of all this she is sure that Richie would have seen a more different, more witty side of her.

And there is always that one in the group that could go all psycho stalker for the person they are obsessed with and looks like this season of Bachelor has one of the contestant, Alex who is literally what we describe being obsessed is.

It has been very evident on how much she is attracted to the Bachelor Richie Strahan and looks like the attraction has turned to obsession and not a healthy one if we point out.

The contestant who calls Richie by the nick name “Rich” in her private piece to cameras flipped out when intruder Steph, scored herself a single date with Richie and Alex took her to deliver the final verdict of what Richie and Steph are and cannot be.

And that is not where it just ends, Alex was equally “happy” when Richie pulled Kiki away to have the first chat of the night. Even with all the advantage or the white rose, Alex doesn’t want to use it yet because she wants Richie to approach her.

But the night gradually got heated when Alex returned back and Richie and Rachel were nowhere to be found and that is when Alex went all crazy obsessive and flipped. She snapped at everyone asking if Rachel and Richie were together or where they went and it was definitely not that pleasing to watch.

And later in the day when everyone found Alex bawling her eyes out , that’s when Alex went up to Nikki and started talking things that “apparently” Rachel had said to her saying that it was of no use to stay back at the house because Richie has already chosen Nikki as the winner and that no one stood a chance, which then Alex gave us some major ugly cry. Well!

While there’s drama ensuing in the present season of the Bachelor, ex-contestant Penny Palman who was part of the season one of the Bachelor is set to spill the tea about the truth that goes behind the rose ceremonies.

In a recent interview with Mamma-mia’s Bach chat podcast, the 38 year old revealed the behind the scene truths encircling the distressed and infamous shady looks sported by the contestants during the rose ceremonies.

She confessed that the women are left standing for hours with the excuses of light and camera adjustments which is the main reason for the discourteous and unhappy looks on their faces.

She even revealed that after the elimination she had to live in a tent, then after filming of the episode was done in Broome on the account to saying that she was not treated to a nice hotel like the previous evictees and had to fly to Sydney on her own.

The former Playboy model, The Bachelor’s Kirralee “Kiki” Mernis was spotted on a beach in Bali flaunting her incredibly toned and curvy figure while talking a stroll down the beach. The blonde who wore a halter neck white and blue patterned two piece looked gorgeous and sun kissed.