Austin Mahone and Becky G Not Getting Back Together, Mahone Spends Time with New Girlfriend While Becky G Spotted with Friends!

While Austin Mahone has his new girlfriend to back on, Becky G has been spending more and more time with her friends. She recently uploaded a photo on her Instagram account calling her friends her love. Becky G has confessed to having lead a teenage dream when she was dating Austin Mahone and it’s bound to be difficult for her to cope up with the breakup.

Becky G has nonetheless been very mature about the way she has dealt herself and the queries about Austin Mahone moving on with another girl. She had said that it does hurt seeing him with someone else, but she is helpless and cannot do anything about it. Since she cannot do anything, she should, therefore, give in and accept the reality.

Becky G is focusing on her career with a vengeance and has recently become the face for Degree deodorant. She is also going to play the role of Yellow Ranger in the 2017 film version Power Ranger. Austin Mahone is also busy with his tour that starts from April.

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