Things to Know About the Fallout 4 DLC Beta, New Update Comes with Improvements and Fixes While Dragon Ball Z and Crossbow Mods Released!

The first batch of Fallout 4 DLC is on its way to the PC, PS4 and the Xbox One. Bethesda will further give gamers a chance to experience it early through its Fallout 4 DLC Beta. Bethesda finally decided to spill the beans after months of silence. The company outlined its first three pieces of Fallout 4 DLC along with additional details regarding the Fallout 4 Season Pass.

The first DLC from the developer named Automatron will release in March. Gamers will be able to purchase a standalone version of the game for $10 but it is included in the Fallout 4 season pass itself. Wasteland Workshop will be in April, following Automatron and there will be a much larger Far Harbor DLC for 25 dollars.

It comes with a brand new zone, various new quests and Nick Valentine. Far Harbor will arrive in May. The specific release dates for the upcoming Fallout 4 DLC are yet to be outlined. Before they are released to the public, they will definitely go through a testing process.

A Fallout 4 DLC Beta was confirmed by Bethesda and there are some important things to know about it, before the Automatron DLC release in March. Like the PC Betas Bethesda released for its free updates, Fallout 4 DLC is not an open beta.

It clearly means that everyone will not get a chance to experience this closed beta. Bethesda further noted that it will be selecting its applicants in the upcoming weeks and players who are accepted in the beta will get a code in order to redeem the content.

Furthermore, it is not clear as to what process will be used by the company in the selection of Fallout 4 DLC Beta participants and this is something we might never know. Pete Hines from Bethesda believes that the testers will be a mixed group of players.

It was further declared by Bethesda, “…increase your chances of being selected by signing up to receive news and updates from your account profile settings”. Therefore, it is recommended that you do that. Keep in mind that you need to be minimum 18 years old in order to sign the NDA agreement which will be shown by Bethesda in case you are accepted into the beta testing program.

You need to visit Bethesda’s official website in order to sign up for the Fallout 4 DLC Beta. There will be a quick form which asks you a series of questions and Bethesda will want to know whether you own the Season Pass and the platform on which you are playing the game. They will ask you about mods, the characters you have and more.

The complete application should not take you more than a few minutes to complete. You will be able to submit your candidacy for the Fallout 4 Beta Testing program after you have done and checked a few boxes. The company further notes that you need to answer correctly and it will “send you a code that fits your platform and language.” Hence, there is no reason to lie.

If you are successful, you will be sent a code in order to download the DLC content. You will get access to full version of the DLC but the content will be released in an early form. Bethesda further declared in another announcement that the upcoming Beta DLC version will be the full version, complete with achievements as well.

One of the vital things to be kept in mind is that you don’t need to be a prospective Fallout 4 DLC buyer or a Season Pass owner in order to be a part of Fallout 4 DLC beta. Everyone who owns a copy of Fallout 4 for Xbox One, PC or PS4 is eligible to apply for this program. At the end of the beta period, you don’t need to buy the add-on either.