Things to Know About the Fallout 4 DLC Beta, New Update Comes with Improvements and Fixes While Dragon Ball Z and Crossbow Mods Released!

Meanwhile, Bethesda has released more information about the 1.4 update on its official site. It comes with Support for add-ons and Additional art customization added to Workshop. It includes Super Mutant clutter including meat totems, meat bags and meat cart, Raider clutter including raider poles, cages and tents and much more.

There are various fixes added as well, like General stability and performance improvements, issues fixed with “Kremvh’s Tooth” quest item not spawning properly among others.

In the meantime, Ruddy88, a hardcore modder on the Nexus Mods website decided to express his love for classic manga and anime series Dragon Ball Z by designing a full-functional scouter which can be used by Fallout 4 players in the game. Scouters are used by warriors in the villain Frieza’s army in Dragon Ball Z and this should be pretty interesting.

In other news, Fallout 4 did not have a crossbow weapon in the past but thanks to mod creator TrickyVein, it now does. The latest mod by the users is called Crossbows of the Commonwealth and it comes with a fully featured addition, including different bolt types.

Stay tuned for more updates on Fallout 4!