Austin Mahone and Becky G Not Getting Back Together, Mahone Spends Time with New Girlfriend While Becky G Spotted with Friends!

Austin Mahon and Becky G have broken up and this news has completely devastated the fans. The two had been inseparable earlier last year, but then things went downhill and by September, they weren’t dating anymore.

Austin Mahone and Becky G had been flirting with each other on Twitter right after the two broke up and this had given rise to speculation that they would be heading back together, however, that didn’t happen.

Austin Mahone has now moved on with Katya Henry, a fitness expert and trainer and he has been posting on the social media claiming to be very happy with her.

Austin Mahone is currently working on his tour and he has been away from home and has been posting about how much he misses Katya Henry. Katya Henry on her part responds back to them and urged him to come back fast.

Whole this hasn’t been approved by the fans who still hope that Austin Mahone should date Becky G, the others feel that the two of them are adorable and want to achieve something similar in their own relationships.

Becky G has been evidently devastated after the break up with Austin Mahone. She spoke to Latina and said that she had always been talking about how great Austin Mahone is and how happy she is with him and, therefore, it is but obvious that she will be completely shaken up about the fact that he is now dating someone else and is so happy with her.

Becky G revealed that she and Austin Mahone hadn’t really broken up. The two had been inseparable and had been completely in love, but they had to focus on their career since they had aspirations and dreams that they had to fulfill. These were things that they couldn’t let go off and hence decided to put their relationship on hold to focus on the more important things.

Initially, the two had decided to break up, but then they decided that they will go on a break and see how things work out. Becky G confessed that they were clearly in love and didn’t want to let go of each other and, therefore, had decided to not break up. However, Austin Mahone was soon over her since he was clearly with Katya Henry.

Becky G had posted about this on the social media when Austin Mahone had asked her not to be sad and had said that she should be happy that it had at least happened in her life. Becky G had responded back and it looked like things would escalate into a verbal battle, but that didn’t happen luckily.

Austin Mahone and Becky G have never been rude to each other in public and neither have they dissed each other. Becky G said that she is upset with the way Austin Mahone had treated her and it is, but obvious that she is devastated with the fact that he has moved on and is very happy with another girl in his life.

Becky G confessed that no matter what, she could never have been angry with Austin Mahone and can only tip her hat to him. She loved him a lot and somewhere still does love him. Austin Mahone has never come out to talk about his alleged break up with Becky G. He has instead shared photos of his new love and has gone ahead to tell the world that he is very happy.

Austin Mahone and Katya Henry went on a trip to Disneyland and Mahone even rented out an entire theatre for a movie date night with Katya Henry so that they could watch the movie alone in the theatre. He even shared a monochrome photo of the two of them holding hands while watching a movie.