GTA 6 Rumors and Speculations Point towards Aerial Missions and Additional Weapon Choices!

GTA 6 is being highly anticipated by fans all over the world since it’s been quite some time that GTA 5 was released. Speculations and rumors regarding GTA 6 have been making rounds on the internet for quite some time now. According to N4BB, die-hard followers have been reportedly talking about various changes along with feature wishlist and much more.

The fifth edition of Grand Theft Auto sold a record $800 million during its first day and in the next two days; it rose to One billion dollars. This makes the gaming series the fastest selling video game in the history of the gaming.

The rumored feature wishlist for GTA 6 includes a lot of new stuff. It comes with aerial missions, more choices when it comes to weapons and a woman protagonist as lead as well.

Fans reportedly wanted to see a woman as the main character in the next edition and various rumors indicate that actress Eva Mendes is on the top of the list and furthermore, she will be accompanied by a male character.

According to the latest batch of rumors, it will be her real-life boyfriend, as revealed by Yibada. Gosling has been featured in various films like The Notebook, The Ides of March, and Television series “Young Hercules”. Dan Houser, the co-author of GTA series felt that a female lead for the fifth installment didn’t really feel natural.

At the same time, he did not throw the idea of a female lead out of the window. According to rumors, Rockstar game already has the concept of a female protagonist but hasn’t implemented it so far.Besides the GTA 6 release date, there is another rumor circulating and it talks about the game location. It will still be in

Besides the GTA 6 release date, there is another rumor circulating and it talks about the game location. It will still be in a city of United States, however, the exact place will actually be a part of the riddle.

According to rumors, the sixth edition of GTA will feature a map that will take the players through major cities in America. Neurogadget further mentioned that some fans are also requesting for a 70s comeback. As expected, the video game’s fanbase are also expecting more realistic graphics and enhanced features included in the game world.

Rockstar Games is yet to announce the release date for GTA 6. All the information circulating the net is basically rumors and speculations, nothing more or nothing less. Meanwhile, the upcoming installment should be released by 2018 or 2020, considering the fact that Rockstar has followed a five to eight year interval between its release dates.

Previous reports said that GTA 6 could likely come out on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC sometime in 2018. There are other reports suggesting that if this game comes out few years down the road, it will be launched in the next generation line of consoles from Sony and Microsoft, along with PC.

Considering that information, it should be launched on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two respectively. GTA 6 will feature more flying or aerial missions as mentioned earlier and this should be pretty exciting, to say the least. The franchise has never lacked in the weapons department but there will be more choices available in the upcoming installment.

Eva Mendes will be chosen in a voice role for a female protagonist and that is what a lot of people are hyped about, at the moment. Rumors and various speculations on GTA 6 keep piling on, in the internet but Rockstar is yet to confirm anything so far. The gameplay map will feature the entire map of United States and people are pretty damn excited about it.