Attack On Titan Season 2 Cannot Be Made Because The Manga Isn’t Four Story Arcs Ahead, Levi Ackerman To Die!

The director of Attack on Titan will have to wait for the story of the mange to go ahead by four story arcs and there are chances that he will take up the story of the attack on the Titans by the 104th Trainees Squad that will end up penetrating the walls. The Uprising that will be led by Erwin Smith is also going to be dealt with in the coming season of Attacks on Titans.

For those who cannot seem to wait for the rather slow moving manga to finish two more story arc for Attack on Titan Season 2 to become a reality will be happy to note that Attack on Titans video game is being developed for the players in the PS4. The cinematic trailer for the same has already released and it looks amazing. The fans can easily check the video out.

It has been a long wait for the fans of the anime and they are still not sure about how much longer they have to wait for the second season to release. The first season had ended in a very interesting point and they are waiting to know what happens further in the story.

Neither Tetsuro Araki nor Hajume Isayama have been able to furnish any clue on when the fans can expect the second season of Attack on Titans. The interesting story arc that is being hinted at have increased the excitement further and fans are hopeful that the release date is soon announced.

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