Andrew Garfield: Spotted with A Mystery Brunette, Fans Want Him Back as Spider-Man!

It is over between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. The couple had met in 2011 on the sets of The Amazing Spider-Man and had been inseparable since then. However, things got a little wobbly towards the end with multiple rumors of the two having broken up cropping up.

It was reported that the hectic schedule is taking a toll in their relationship and the couple has decided to take a break. However, these rumors were soon denied with reports that suggested that everything is perfectly fine with the couple and they are actually thinking of tying the knot in a very private ceremony.

However, finally after months of speculations, it is out that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are over as a couple since Andrew Garfield has been spotted getting cozy with a mystery brunette in London. It looked like the two of them were on a date and Andrew Garfield couldn’t stop laughing in her company.

The two of them headed to the North London pub and while there are no photos to show that they had actually kissed, it looks like a possibility given how closely they were sitting and the kind of flirting that both of them were engaged in.

Andrew Garfield is currently based on London to shoot for his next film Angels in America and it was initially thought that he was out meeting a close friend, but that doesn’t seem likely. Andrew Garfield had been absent from all the red carpet events and hasn’t been there to support even his girlfriend Emma Stone when she was nominated for award ceremonies.

This was the sign that hinted that things are not too well between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. However, it was reported that Andrew Garfield is a private person and he isn’t a fan of the red carpet events and would usually skip them.

Then it was stated that he was away on a shoot and has to be in the mind frame of a character and hence couldn’t take an off and be there with Emma Stone in person.

Neither Emma Stone nor Andrew Garfield has released a statement to mention that they have separated. However, there are a lot of reports suggesting that Emma Stone might be wanting to move on from Andrew Garfield and has been getting a little too friendly with her La La Land co-star, Ryan Gosling.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have been spotted dining out on numerous occasions and it was reported by Movie News Guide that the two of them are dating. In fact, it was mentioned that things are going down-hill for Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes because of Emma Stone.

However, there is no truth in any of these reports. Ryan Gosling is very happy with Eva Mendes and is planning to soon get married to her and start a family of their own. Ryan Gosling is also being linked to Rachel McAdams, but the truth is that the man has eyes on only two women currently, his daughter Esmeralda and his partner Eva Mendes.

Emma Stone has been spotted on her own and in the company of her friends Jennifer Lawrence and Adele. She isn’t letting her break up get to her and is busy focused on her new movie where she will be playing the role of tennis legend Billie Jean King. Emma Stone has cut her hair and dyed it in a dark shade for the movie and is also taking tennis lessons.

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