Andrew Garfield: Spotted with A Mystery Brunette, Fans Want Him Back as Spider-Man!

Spider Man fans have come out to state how sad they are about Andrew Garfield not being the Spider Man anymore. Movie Pilot reported that Andrew Garfield was the perfect choice for Peter Parker since he is the right balance between cool and geeky and was also good looking.

Fans have come out to state that they would miss Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone’s romance and also that they have had enough of watching Uncle Ben being killed again and again.

Sony and Marvel are, however, not keen on keeping Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. Their first reason for replacing Garfield was because they wanted a high school Peter Parker this time and Garfield doesn’t fit the bill. Spider-Man will now become a part of the Avengers and hence they had to start with a young Spider-Man to be true to the comic.

The new Spider-Man will be first seen in Captain America: Civil War and will then go ahead to have his own standalone film that will release in July, 2017. While Marvel officially names all its movies, the Spider-Man movie hasn’t been given an official name yet.

The last of the Spider-Man movie with Andrew Garfield in it was titled the Amazing Spider-Man, but they haven’t come out to give any name for the one with Tom Holland.

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