Attack On Titan Season 2 Cannot Be Made Because The Manga Isn’t Four Story Arcs Ahead, Levi Ackerman To Die!

Fans are hopeful that Attack on Titan Season 2 will start in the coming months, but there is still no confirmation about the same. There is an agreement between Hajume Isayama, mangaka of Shingeki no Kyojin and Tetsuro Araki that for Attack on Titan to develop, the original manga should at least be ahead by four arcs in the story.

Since the current story arc of Shingeki no Kyojin is only two story arcs away from Attack on Titans, the team of developers will have to wait for a longer time to develop the anime. Crossmap has reported that the anime developers will have to wait and watch the slow progression of the plot in the manga if they want the Season 2 continuation to follow the original story.

There is a dilemma in whether the anime will remain faithful to the original series or whether it will explore things on its own. If Attack on Titans remains faithful to Shingeki no Kyojin then the viewers will see Eren Yeager and the other members of the squad fighting the Titans.

There are rumors suggesting that Tetsuro Araki is going to make Season 2 of Attack on Titan more interesting by making it an action packed one. The episodes will deal with battles from the original magna and will show Eren was abducted and how Commander Erwin Smith lost an arm. This season might also become a major disappointment for the fans of Levi Ackerman since there is a premonition that he might end up dead.

The first season of Attack on Titan saw most of Levi Ackerman’s companions being killed off. Levi has to protect the Shiganshina trio consisting of Eren Yeager, Armin Arlert and Mikasa Ackerman. Parent Herald has reported that Attack on Titan Season 2 might see Levi Ackerman dying while trying to protect the Shiganshina trio.

Erwin Smith will end up losing his arm while trying to overthrow the king. The king is a fake and Reiss is the real royal family. Even though it seems like everything is going to be good since the royal family members have the capacity to turn to Titans, they will see the other Titans have the ability to transform into scarier version of the Titans.

The ability of Erwin Smith to transform into a titan is related to his father and there is a chance that this story arc will be dealt with in the coming season. It was previously known that Erwin Smith’s father is not alive anymore, but now it looks like he might not be dead and will be able to throw light on how Erwin changes into a titan at will.

Attack on Titan Season 2, as reported by Crossmap will also bring into the forefront other human beings who also have the ability to transform into Titans, like Bertolt Hoover and Reinier Braun. While Bertolt Hoover can transform into Armored Titan, Reinier Braun can become the Colossal title.

When Attack on Titan Season 4 comes along, it will be based on the story of the 104th Trainees Squad. The first season of Attack on Titans had already dealt with thirty-four chapters of the manga including the one about The Fall of Shiganshina, Battle of Trost District and The Female Titan.