Shakira Got a Curvy Disney Avatar, Made a Stylish Statement at The Premiere, Spoke Candidly About Gerard Piqué!

Shakira is a part of the latest Disney venture Zootopia. The Hips Don’t Lie singer didn’t know how her experience in an animation film will be and was surprised to find out that Disney was making the characters based on the nuances that the voice actors had.

Shakira has shared a fair deal of her time in the recording studio, but she revealed that the experience of recording a song and lending voice to a character in an animated film is very different. There is some level of artistic freedom in each of the recording situation, but the basic experience is very different.

Shakira is set to lend her voice to Gazelle, who is a vivacious singer in the film. When Disney showed her the prototype of the character of Gazelle, the singer wasn’t very pleased with her. She felt that Gazelle didn’t really have the physique that would go with her voice and hence asked Disney to tweak the character of Gazelle.

Shakira loved Gazelle’s personality. She was opinionated and cared for those around her. Shakira instantly realized that her Gazelle was like her when it comes to the attitude, but something was amiss with the character and that it when it hit her. She realized that Gazelle was too slim and too make the character more endearing and more like her, she should be made curvier.

When she made the suggestion to Disney, she wasn’t very hopeful about them taking her opinion, but Disney immediately set to work and made sure that Gazelle got bigger hips and had more meat on her bones. She said that Disney ended up making Gazelle exactly like the songstress. They had the same color of eyes, they had the same taste in clothes and had the exact same personality.

The singer even gave the creator the idea of making Gazelle wear one of the costumes she had worn in her performances. The new trailer for Zootopia shows Gazelle performing at a concert and she is surrounded by super buff tigers who are her back up dancers.

Shakira has been off music for a while now as she had her second baby and was busy spending time with her family. The mother of two agreed to the fact that her family is her life, but she also added that music is what completes her and she is going to be back it from March.

Shakira didn’t just lend her voice in Zootopia, she is also going to be singing her next single in the film, which is the theme song for the film. Try Everything sums up what the film stands for. Shakira said that she has grown up watching Disney shows and films and it was an experience working with the team.

She said that she could relate to the message that the film is trying to impart to children. The little rabbit played by Judy Hopp in the film dares to dream big dreams and is hopeful that they will come true one day. Shakira said that she could relate to this as she too had big dreams of performing on stage one day and had to overcome a lot of obstacles to make it happen.

Shakira has always been a fashion icon and she lived up to the name in her recent public outing. The singer rocked the premiere of Zootopia in a pink skater dress with Peter Pan collars and fluorescent roses printed on it. She teamed with nude heels and a shimmering clutch. Her hair was swept up in a ponytail.