Ashton Kutcher Comes Forward to Fun School Projects, Talks About Marriage with Mila Kunis, Denies Rumors About a Divorce!

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis had been faced with a lot of rumors that their marriage is in the drains. Even with both the actors coming out to state that there is no credibility in those reports, the speculations do not seem to stop.

Initially the media had reported that the couple is going to divorce because Ashton Kutcher had broken Mila Kunis’ trust and had gone to a massage parlor where he supposedly opted for special services.

This rumor had been denied by Mila Kunis herself who said that there is no truth in the statement that was being circulated by the media and that her relationship with Ashton Kutcher isn’t that flimsy that it would break because of a trip to a massage parlor. Ashton Kutcher’s representative had also come up to state that there is no truth in the statement.

Recently, reports suggest that Mila Kunis’ friendship with Macaulay Culkin is not being approved by Ashton Kutcher. The actor isn’t very happy with the fact that Kunis is taking such keen interest in Macaulay Culkin’s career.

There doesn’t seem to be an iota of truth in this statement since Ashton Kutcher has never been one to be insecure with another man in Mila Kunis’ life.

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