Ashton Kutcher Comes Forward to Fun School Projects, Talks About Marriage with Mila Kunis, Denies Rumors About a Divorce!

Ashton Kutcher is an actor, entrepreneur and he is also actively involved in charities. The actor recently joined hands with to help fund different projects in schools. He donated money to 132 schools in and around Iowa to help with projects that will go a long way in educating the children.

Ashton Kutcher donated to Kirkwood Elementary located in Coralville, to help them buy drums for their world music class and also to help them fund for materials that will be useful to the children studying science, technology and math.

Press-Citizen reported that Ashton Kutcher thanked his teachers for what he is today and in order to repay a little of bit of what they have given him in his life, he decided to go ahead and take the initiative. Ashton Kutcher also donated funds to help buy books for a literature group in a particular school and also to buy laptops in different classrooms.

The initiative by is using the hashtag #BestSchoolDay to raise initiative in the social media and so far a lot of big names have joined in. The announcement about Ashton Kutcher’s act of benevolence was reported by Stephen Colbert, who is a board member of The awareness had raised almost $14 million to help fund over 12,000 projects in different schools.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis welcomed their baby daughter last year and the three of them have been spotted spending quality time as a family very frequently these days. Mila Kunis had been away in Louisiana where she was shooting for her upcoming film, Bad Moms, but now that she has wrapped it up, she is back in L.A.

Ashton Kutcher would regularly drop in on Mila Kunis when she was in New Orleans. Fashion n Style reported that with Mila Kunis on a break, the family was recently spotted taking a hike in the beautiful weather in Griffith Park.

Ashton Kutcher held on to Mila Kunis’ hand while he had their daughter Wyatt strapped on his shoulder. The couple seemed relaxed and happy and were seen answering all of Wyatt’s queries while she pointed things out to them during the hike.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis had no plans of marrying each other since they didn’t believe in the institution of marriage, but things changed after their daughter was born. The couple decided to take the step and do it for the sake of their daughter. They had a secret marriage over the Fourth of July weekend and kept it completely under wraps.

The couple had just invited their family and very close friends and had taken every precaution to keep the media at bay. When Ashton Kutcher opened up about his secret marriage to Mila Kunis on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she called them sneaky and said how both of them would ignore any talks about their marriage and had ultimately headed that way and had successfully kept Ellen DeGeneres out of the whole ceremony.

Fashion n Style reported that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis had to struggle a lot to make sure that the paparazzi didn’t hound them on their wedding. Kutcher admitted that he would make people post from different locations so that the media didn’t get an idea of where they actually were.

Ashton Kutcher also informed on The Ellen DeGeneres show that Mila Kunis was very worried that the paparazzi would take photos of them from the helicopter right when they would be exchanging vows, but luckily for them the intensive planning worked out and they didn’t have to face the media on their special day.