Xiaomi Mi5 Compared to the Huawei Google Nexus 6P, Xiaomi Mi5 Turns Out to Be an Impressive Smartphone!

Recently, the Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi launched their latest smartphone Xiaomi Mi5 and reviewers have already declared that this device is certainly a power-packed and worthy Mii 4i successor.

Meanwhile, the Nexus 6P made by Huawei was unveiled during the end of the last year. It had a great metallic body and provided a decent Android experience. Let us know compare both the devices in terms of prices, specs and features.

The Mi5 has a 5.1inch IPS LCD display which comes with a display resolution of 1080×1920 pixels and compared to that, the Nexus 6P has an AMOLED 5.7-inch display with 1440 x 2560 pixels QHD resolution which is further protected by Gorilla Glass 4. The Google Nexus 6P has full metal chassis, featuring chamfered edges along with infamous antenna bands which were hidden in an aesthetic manner.

The slightly curved rear panel also makes sure that the device can be held comfortably. On the other hand, the Mi5 has a metal frame which runs through the corners and it has a glossy glass black. Edges of the device are chamfered and the sides of the display have the presence of near-zero bezels. Compared to the Nexus 6P, the device weighs lesser.

The 6P is run by a Snapdragon 810 SoC, while the Xiaomi Mi 5 has the latest Snapdragon 820 chipset which has already topped the benchmark test rankings. Both the devices have 3GB RAM but the top end 128GB variant of the Mi 5 has 4GB RAM. Both of the devices run on Android Marshmallow OS. Stock Android performance is offered by the Nexus 6P while Xiaomi Mi5 has its own MIUI 7.

There is a good 3550mAh battery unit on the Nexus 6P and the Mi5 has a lesser battery at 3000mAh. Both of these devices have non-removable battery units. The Xiaomi Mi5 has a 16MP rear camera and features like OIS and dual-LED flash are also present. The Nexus 6P has a 12.3MP snapper located on the rear with an 8MP front facing camera. Meanwhile, the Xiaomi Mi5 has a 4MP front snapper.

The Nexus 6P is available at US$499 for the 32GB storage model at the Google Store while the Xiaomi Mi 5’s 32GB storage variant can be pre-ordered for US$439 through Gear Best. Both these devices are equipped with a fingerprint sensor but it is located on different places.

Xiaomi Mi 5 has it on the main home button while the Nexus 6P has the sensor located on the back panel. In both cases, Type-C 1.0 reversible connector is available.

2016 is shaping up to be a really great year for smartphones and Xiaomi’s Mi5 is one of the best smartphones to be released so far. Similar to other flagship smartphones like the Galaxy S7, the Mi5 comes with a host of well-developed and highly coveted features.

When it comes to a good smartphone, this device manages to tick most of the essential checkboxes like beautiful display, fast fingerprint sensor, large battery, and the latest LTE modem.

However, most flagships cost upward of the $600 but the Xiaomi Mi 5 doesn’t. It’s more like 260 dollars. Sadly, the Xiaomi Mi5 is only available in China and neighboring countries.

The company is quite cagey about expanding into United States and Europe. However, that being said, this new device was launched during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Besides this, Xiaomi has its own global accessories store and this definitely hints that the powerhouse Chinese company is thinking about expanding its borders beyond its regional borders.