Fans Wait for Updates On Steven Universe Season 2, Leaked Video Shows Lapis Lazuli Saving Peridot!

It is turning out to be a long wait for the fans of Steven Universe. Cartoon Network went on a hiatus after the first season and there is still no word from the network about when the next season can be expected. The fans were hoping that Steven Universe Season 2 will be back on the television screen around March-April, but given the silence over the series it doesn’t look like a possibility.

With no news coming from Cartoon Network about what fans can expect from Steven Universe Season 2 and when they can expect it, fans have resorted to speculate about what the story for the upcoming season of the popular cartoon is going to deal with.

Parent Herald has reported that the series will start from where it had ended in Season 1 and the upcoming season will throw light on whether Lapis Lazuli has joined Crystal Gem. This looks like a possibility given that Lapis Lazuli has started to care for Steven after he put his life in danger to save her from the mirror. Lapis Lazuli and Steven Universe have also become good friends and this might convince her to join him in Crystal Gems.

Season 2 of Steven Universe is likely to see Yellow Diamond make a trip to Earth. She has always expressed her hatred for the place, but with Steven Universe and his friends trying to destroy the Cluster in Season 1, Yellow Diamond wants to head over to put an end to the matter.

Yellow Diamond is part of the Great Diamond Authority and her coming to earth might be a problem for Peridot. Peridot was one of Yellow Diamond’s best soldier, but since she tried to negotiate with the latter, she was removed from her Cluster and sent to earth.

Steven Universe and Lapis Lazuli have already saved Peridot from the roaming eye of the Yellow Diamond and the latter realizes that her old friend has joined forces with the enemies and isn’t going to stop until she finishes them all.

There are no reports on what the storyline for the upcoming season is going to be and all that is there are some scoops that are circulating in the internet. Fans have decided to go ahead and believe them until they are proven otherwise.

Movie News Guide has reported that there are some videos that have been leaked from Steven Universe and has gone viral since it is the only source of information that the fans have about the upcoming season.

The leaked clip is called Barn Mates and it shows Peridot being chased by the roaming eye of Yellow Diamond. Steven Universe looked a little sad at the beginning of the clip since he feels that Peridot will not survive, but then when she comes out running with a space-ship behind her, all three- Steven, Lapis Lazuli and Peridot run as fast as they can.

No matter how hard they try, they cannot seem to outrun the roaming eye. Steven Universe decides that he has to fight the spaceship if he has to save his new friend and that is when Lapis Lazuli comes out, musters all her courage and destroys the roaming eye with her magical powers and saves the day for Peridot.

According to Christian Today when Yellow Diamond realizes that Lapis Lazuli had destroyed her roaming eye and have saved the life of Peridot, her wrath knows no end. She will head to Earth to take control, but will not be very strong since she doesn’t have Peridot to manage the Cluster ans Jasper also seems to be missing.