Fans Wait for Updates On Steven Universe Season 2, Leaked Video Shows Lapis Lazuli Saving Peridot!

Yellow Diamond will try and kill the newest members of the Crystal Gem and try to reduce their power. In order to make sure that they all survive the Yellow Diamond, Lapis Lazuli and Peridot will have to get over their enmity and work together and their mutual friend Steven Universe will make that happen.

The roaming eye might have been destroyed and Peridot’s departure might have weakened the Cluster, but that doesn’t make the Yellow Diamond any less powerful. She is still going to be a force to contend with the Crystal Gem will have to put up a huge fight to keep her at bay.

Breathe Cast has reported that Steven Universe Season 2 will also throw lights on how the Diamond Authority had gotten control over the gems. The gems have their own powers and strengths as well as their weaknesses. Yellow Diamond feels that her diamonds are the most powerful and they are completely without any flaws.

It is hinted that this over-confidence of hers will ultimately cause her downfall on earth. However, she is a powerful villain and will not go down easy so fans can expect plenty of fights between Crystal Gems and the Diamond Authority.

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