Arrow Season 3 Episode 21 Review and Upcoming Episode 22 Preview, More Information

Last night’s episode was the strongest one we’ve seen in a while. For now, it seems absurd to turn down help from Thea as she has had plenty of training, at least more thorough training than Laurel. Recently, she also showed up and saved the day, which is now quite clear to Felicity. Meanwhile, Thea is much more likeable as a vigilante. A lot of us want people to stop treating her as a child, especially after her training with Malcolm. For now, we can simply hope that she doesn’t dwell on Roy too long. She needs to take ownership of herself and stop running after Roy.

Meanwhile, in Wednesday night’s new episode of Arrow Season 3, we might have an opportunity to see things like Oliver Queen/Al-Sah Him’s marriage to Nyssa Al-Ghul along with an epic battle outside Nanda Parbat when Team Arrow decides to make sure that their plan is foiled.

On top of that, according to executive producer Marc Guggenheim, the upcoming episode will feature some of the most epic scenes that we’ve seen in a finale so far. However, the idea of Laurel Lance being able to fight with several assassins after a short training sounds quite far-fetched. However, sooner or later, we’ll probably have to buy into the whole Laurel-kicking-ass concept.

Stay tuned for more updates on Arrow Season 3!