Arrow Season 3 Episode 21 Review and Upcoming Episode 22 Preview, More Information

There’s nothing you wouldn’t love in last night’s episode of Arrow Season 3 which showcased Oliver’s transformation into someone else, rather something else and the new identity, ‘Al Sah-Him’.  There are quite a few things that are clear and viewers can be happy about in the latest episode of Arrow Season 3.

There is a consistent suspicion that Mr. Queen might be playing a trick, similar to what he did last season with Felicity and Slade but this time it’s appearing to be in a more drawn-out fashion. Unlike his oddly fair-weather team, it’s certainly difficult to believe that he’s gone. It is clear that Oliver spent years on an island and on Hong Kong, getting beat-up, tortured and brainwashed and at the same time, he was tossed around in a chain of events that were all outside his control.

Through all of that, he became a fearsome warrior, trained in both mind and body. It’s difficult to believe that a few days in Nanda Parbat will do to him what several years of brutality couldn’t. It seems highly unlikely that his spirit can be altered in order to change him into something else, something dark.

Oliver Queen has knowledge of Ra’s Al Ghul’s methods, abilities and his intentions to release the army’s super-virus from Hong Kong into Starling City. Oliver might be playing the convincingly but we need to keep in mind that he might be sacrificing himself but not forgetting  himself during his attempts to stop Ra’s Al Ghul.

The latter is relentless and will never stop at anything to get his way. Oliver knows about it and he needs to play an elaborate con that involves getting Nyssa and the virus while convincing his friends, Ra’s and his entire team that he has really transformed. On the other hand, there could be someone already aware of this, like Diggle or Malcolm. Or maybe, Oliver is finally doing what he always wanted to do, ride solo.