Apple iPhone 7: Use of Liquid Metal Expected, Apple Signs a Contract with Sony for the Use of their Dual Lens Technology!

According to a recent report that is currently doing the rounds of the market, Apple will not just release one, but two variants of the iPhone 7 this year. Much like the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus, Apple plans on launching the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus this year.

The higher-end model boasts of a dual-lens camera setup, which allows for improved image quality and a few other potentially interesting features such as optical zoom.

Even though the report cannot be confirmed at the moment due to the lack of official confirmation, experts are of the opinion that Apple is most likely to launch dual variants of their upcoming flagship device.

The primary reason behind our theory is that Sony has just announced their dual lens camera for the flagship Xperia model and if you have been reading up on the news recently, Apple is known to be using the lens technology from Sony.

We had reported earlier last week that Apple had signed a contract with Sony, gaining permission to use the camera technology available exclusively on the flagship Xperia Z5 and if Sony has made some modifications to their camera, it will automatically be used by Apple.

Sony’s Chief Financial Officer, Kenichiro Yoshida, claimed at a press conference recently, “For the upcoming year, our dual-lens/dual camera platform will be used by other smartphone manufacturers too, on their flagship devices.”

He went on to claim that the real start of dual-lens cameras in smartphones will be in 2017. This brings in the question what’s cooking in Sony’s development wing, but that’s another story altogether!

Judging by the current scenario, Apple is likely to reveal the iPhone 7 variants by mid-2016 and the device should be available off the shelf by early 2017. Hence, Sony’s dual-lens camera could be in place!

Multiple sources have confirmed these reports over time, adding additional information to the original facts. This in fact proves that the story is not purely fiction. Apple is not expected to call the dual-lens iPhone 7 the 7 Plus, the phone will be branded the iPhone 7 Plus Dual.

Even though the name might sound huge to some, it clearly denotes the higher stature of the iPhone. Even though the camera spec is high enough for the iPhone 7 Plus Dual, it is unlikely for Apple not to use this opportunity and add a few unique features to this model.

Apple has this unique policy of adding a few top-notch features to their range-topping variant of the iPhone, which makes it all the more difficult for the customers to not burn their wad of cash, considering the associated price tag of the product.

Some of the features that are expected this time includes a 256 GB built-in storage option, high-resolution display or a max clocked out processor, just to make things a little more interesting for the customers.

Considering the enormous competition in the smartphone industry today, Apple’s iPhone is the only product that excites the people. This is evident during the launch of a new iPhone, as people flock to the stores the night before the launch, to be the first one to get their hands on a new iPhone.

According to the initial surveys, people are looking forward to the Apple iPhone 7. In fact, the demand might reduce the sales of the current iPhone 6 range. Apple needs to use their marketing might to ensure that the two smartphones do not eat up each other’s sales.

Sketches of the Apple iPhone 7 have been recently leaked online and they seem to be quite promising, considering that they are not simply an artist’s impression of what the next-generation iPhone could be. In fact, these sketches represent the next-generation Apple iPhone.

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