Apple iPhone 5 SE: Details Still Under Wraps, Expected to be Unveiled Within the Second Quarter of 2016!

There has been quite a ruckus in the smartphone market regarding the 4-inch Apple iPhone, previously known as the iPhone 6C. However, latest reports claim that the smartphone is part of the iPhone 5 family and will be called the iPhone 5 SE.

The Apple iPhone 5 SE was expected to release in September, alongside the iPhone 6, although, nothing much was revealed about the device. Experts were of the opinion that Apple had ditched the plan altogether.

However, rumors regarding the launch of the upcoming device is spreading quickly and numerous nomenclatures were initially suggested for the device, including the iPhone 6C and iPhone 7C. However, the Cupertino giant decided to settle down for the 5SE tag.

Apple is expected to showcase the device soon, alongside the Apple Watch 2 and the iPad Air 3. Details regarding the device are yet to be announced, although, Apple has the enormous task of keeping up with the requirements of its customers with the new device.

Numerous complaints began surfacing online regarding the large screen size of the new devices. The customers were missing the good old days of the smaller displays, where the smartphone was designed to fit in your hands and not feel like a TV!

The latest iPhone 5 SE boasts of a 4-inch touch screen, which sounds like an interesting proposition. Apple hopes to regain the trust and confidence of their users with the latest iPhone. The Apple iPhone 5C was the cheapest smartphone in the range, but was discontinued back in 2015.

The iPhone 5S acted as its replacement for long, but it was time for Apple to come up with something new, hence, the iPhone 5 SE. In terms of the overall design of the smartphone, the iPhone 5 SE boasts of a plastic exterior, rather than a metal body, similar to what the iPhone 5C was about.

However, unlike the 5C, the 5 SE is unlikely to offer a range of funky color options. This might be a turn off for the younger generation, although, the tech specs are bound to make up for that! However, the quality of the plastic used is top notch and the device fees like an Apple from the very first look.

You wonโ€™t get a cheap feeling while holding on to the device and a leaked image shows that the exterior shape is quite similar to the iPhone 5C. Initial rumors claim that Apple plans on using the same 4-inch display from their last-gen devices, although, this might not be the case, since, the device is expected to be built from scratch.

However, we will have to wait for additional confirmations from the representatives of Apple before going ahead and either confirming or denying these rumors. Our readers are requested to bear with us for the time being, since, we will keep you updated with the latest inputs from the house of technology!

We are expecting a minimum of 1,136×640 pixel resolution along with 326 ppi. Considering todayโ€™s smartphones that might seem a little low, but when it comes to Apple, the quality will never be compromised, you can rest assured!

Apple claims that the performance on the iPhone 5 SE will be in between the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6S. Experts believe that Apple plans on using the A8 SoC chip in the device, although, it is too early to confirm that!

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