Avril Lavigne: Song About Dolphin Credited to The Singer, Rumors About a Collaboration with Harry Styles, Spotted with Ryan Cabrera!

The latest buzz in the internet is that Avril Lavigne is ready for her new song. The singer had had a terrible last year. She had been struggling with Lyme disease and then split up with her husband Chad Kroeger.

However, the singer is slowly making a recovery with regard to her health and has also let her fans know that she has been using the recovery period to think of some exciting new songs for her upcoming album.

There is a song circulating on the internet, about dolphins and the rumor suggests that the song is by Avril Lavigne. This is, however, not true since Avril Lavigne has not written the song. Ethan Chiel from Fusion News was the one to realize that there was a song with lyrics on dolphin that was being credited to Avril Lavigne.

There are three different variants of the song and all of them are credited to the singer. Chiel has found this rather interesting that a singer who has not had anything to do with the songs should get credit for the lyrics.

Chiel is now on a mission to find out how Avril Lavigne’s name got associated with the song. He has found no substantial leads yet, but when he contacted the first website that published the lyrics back in 2007.

The webmaster for LyricsMode had informed that there is no name registered for the song and they have no idea who had first uploaded it. There are now quite a few covers of this song online and CBC has reported that this is all part of a big joke that should be ignored.

Avril Lavigne might not be working on a song about dolphins, but she sure is planning on something big that might even feature Harry Styles. Inquisitr has reported that Avril Lavigne is had started following Harry Styles on Twitter and this has started speculations that the two might be collaborating on a project.

With One Direction on a hiatus and with rumors circulating that the boys aren’t going to come back together, there are chances that Harry Styles might have something up his sleeves.

With no official report or any other information, it is very hard to say if Avril Lavigne and Harry Styles are actually collaborating, but then Twitter cannot trend over 25K tweets just because of a simple “follow.” Fans feel that there is more to the story and are waiting for things to come out in the open.

With Liam Payne working with Juicy J for his new individual album and with the other boys focusing on their family, it is likely that Harry Styles would want to collaborate with Avril Lavigne, who is well known as a songwriter and has collaborated with many renowned artists. However, with the two of them based in two separate continents, fans are not sure how that will be possible.

E! has come out to suggest that One Direction is going to be back stronger and better after the hiatus and that none of the boys are planning on starting their solo career or recording individual albums.

This news was also confirmed by Liam Payne in one of his interviews. There is a general sentiment that the One Direction fandom is bored and is looking for any bit of news that might suggest what they can expect in the future.

Avril Lavigne has also created a lot of buzz about her private life. The singer was spotted hanging out with Chad Kroeger after the two had issued the joint statement stating that they have decided to break up. This had fuelled rumors that the two are going to get back together.