Apple iPhone 7: Latest Rumors and Updates, Expected to Feature a Dual-Camera Setup and Li-Fi Technology!

As for other aspects, the upcoming device will very likely have a waterproof design. Apparently, Apple has filed two patents in this regard. The first patent is for ports that would eject water and the second one is for a self-healing connection.

Looks like Apple is taking quite a few steps to ensure that the upcoming device features an impressive waterproofing feature.

The second patent that has been filed by Apple is being called Electronic Device with Hidden Connector. A self-healing elastomer is seen covering a connector in the patent. The elastomer works towards sealing the connectors on the device and preventing water from entering it.

Various diagrams included in the patent shows that the elastomer lets a probe enter into the device and once the probe is removed, it automatically seals the connector.

With this technology, users will be able to use the ports of the device for charging and other purposes without having to fear for accidental water seepage into it.

Another groundbreaking feature that the iPhone 7 might come with is the Li-Fi. This feature will reportedly allow data transfer at the rate of up to 1GB/sec! Needless to say, that it will be a major improvement over the already existing Wi-Fi technology in the market.

Stay tuned for more update on iPhone 7.