Apple iPhone 7: Latest Rumors and Updates, Expected to Feature a Dual-Camera Setup and Li-Fi Technology!

The rumor mill has been quite busy spinning out one rumor after another regarding one of the most anticipated devices from the Apple stable, the Apple iPhone 7. Just recently it was reported that Apple had filed for some patents for expanding the capability of the already amazing 3D Touch technology.

One of the patents filed by Apple is for an idea which is being called proximity and multi-touch sensor detection and demodulation. With this technology, Apple aims to provide hands-free navigation to iPhone 7 users.

This futuristic idea would reportedly be materialized by Apple by incorporating certain special proximity sensors into the upcoming device. This technology would work in collaboration with the 3D touch feature and it will enable users to operate their phone without even laying a single finger on it.

Users would be able to navigate through their phones by certain gestures and by waving their hands over it. The built-in sensors in the device would capture these gestures and hand motions and would feed it into the device and enable it to be operated hands-free.

Certain virtual buttons created by bouncing infrared rays would enable users to perform a wide variety of tasks on the device without having to touch it.

Apple had filed for this particular patent back in March 2015 and though it looks like a promising idea at the moment, it should be noted that Apple’s 3D touch technology is yet to become a regular in most of the company’s devices and thus the introduction of a new technology at the current moment looks like a bleak prospect.

Another patent filed by the Cupertino-based company is for a home button with force-sensitive touch. In easier words, Apple wants to incorporate the 3D touch feature into the home button of the device.

Rumors have it that this feature might show up in the upcoming iPhone 7. If indeed this feature is introduced in the upcoming device, users will be able to perform multiple tasks by just using its home button.

Different amounts of pressure can be applied to access different functions of the home button. This could be better explained with the help of an example. The home button can be used to both unlock the device or perform other functions like opening the camera or any other app.

This different functions can be accessed by applying different amounts of pressure on the button. A light amount of pressure could be used to unlock the device while a slightly harder pressure would not only unlock the device but also open a pre-specified app. This would really work toward making the device more user-friendly and also easier to use.

However, it should be noted that Apple has not confirmed any of these claims and, thus, readers are advised to take these doses of rumors with a pinch of salt.

Various other reports are claiming that the iPhone 7 could show up with two rear cameras. Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned Apple analyst recently stated that the iPhone 7 will likely come with a dual-camera system that would significantly improve the quality of images captured by the device.

The dual-camera system will be loaded with 2-3x magnification and optical zoom. Apple had acquired a camera module maker company by the name of Linx back in April 2015. It was reported that Linx will be the company that will be developing the dual camera module for the iPhone 7. One of the two camera modules will reportedly have a lens which will be shaped like a fish-eye.

However, Kuo further added that if indeed Apple uses the dual-camera module in the iPhone 7 lineup, it will most likely feature on the iPhone 7 Plus model rather than the base model of iPhone 7.