Apple iOS 8.3 Latest Features and Ways to Fix Earlier the Bluetooth Issue, More Details

The Apple iOS 8.3 has been released for the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch since about three weeks now. With a major milestone like this, it’s time to check out how the 8.3 is faring out on the iPhone 6 at the present three week mark. It will help you to decide whether it’s really worth installing right now, before the company’s upcoming Apple iOS 8.4 update. Back in February, Apple confirmed the release of their new Apple iOS 8 update known as the 8.3. Prior to this, the company did not make any press updates or even announce it on stage.

It was confirmed through the arrival of the Apple iOS 8.3 for beta developers. After the release of their iOS 8.3 beta, Apple released several other beta updates, including two that were released to the public. Apple’s first public iOS 8.3 beta represented an operating system which could foreshadow the future. Meanwhile, iOS 9 is rumored to be released by the end of this year. The company should be releasing the beta to the public during their next major announcement.

Around three weeks back, Apple took the iOS 8.3 beta out of its two beta programs and launched it for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users all over the world. The update brings with it huge changes that were made to the iOS 8 users. These include several bug fixes as well as major enhancements. It includes a re-designed emoji keyboard that comes with more than 300 emoji characters. 8.3 is quite an important update and will serve as a bridge to Apple’s next iOS 8.4 update.

Critics and developers took a deep dive into Apple’s latest iOS 8.3 so as to provide feedback to iPhone, iPod and iPad users worldwide. Apple has the habit of masking the glitches and bugs in their operating systems, with the new features that they have provided. There are certain incremental benefits with the latest iOS versions but they also bring issues and glitches along with it.

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  1. I use a GNS 2000 for light aircraft navigating. The Bluetooth connection to it no longer works with latest update 8.3
    I gather this is a known problem.. What is the fix?

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