Apple iOS 8.3 Latest Features and Ways to Fix Earlier the Bluetooth Issue, More Details

Let us take a look at an iPhone 6 that has been running the latest Apple iOS 8.3 update. Currently, all the applications seem to be working fine, especially Google Chrome which gave a lot of problems in the past. Earlier, iOS 8 suffered from several issues concerning Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. With 8.3, the Wi-Fi connectivity problems seem to have been solved. Relying on LTE connections also work put fine with the latest upgrade.

Bluetooth pairing with headphones is quite uneventful and without issues. The battery drain issues are now absent with the latest iOS release. The iOS 8.3 release brings with it several bug fixes and all of them seem to be working fine on across iOS devices. If you are still facing certain Bluetooth issues, there are many ways in which you can solve it.

Firstly, you can toggle the Bluetooth option on and off. The device will be able to release the resources and void the processes that it has been running with the Bluetooth service. The second trick is to reboot your device. This is a very common trick to be used among the Windows and Android community and should work well enough for you too.

What are your thoughts on the latest iOS 8.3 update? Stay tuned for more updates on Apple iOS 8.3!

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  1. I use a GNS 2000 for light aircraft navigating. The Bluetooth connection to it no longer works with latest update 8.3
    I gather this is a known problem.. What is the fix?

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