Andre Has a Mental Breakdown in Empire Season 2, Camilla Likely to End Up Dead, Grace Gealey Teases Interesting Twists!

The upcoming episode of Empire Season 2, ‘The Tameness of a Wolf’ will see Luscious and Cookie (Taraji P. Henson)coming closer. The two have been spending some quality time together, with Cookie going all out to make Luscious comfortable after he ended up losing Empire. Luscious ends up thinking of a traumatic interaction with his mother while directing a music video.

He gets very upset and Cookie convinces him to speak it out so that he ends up feeling better. The loss of his company has made Luscious turn to his ex-wife and he is grateful to her for being there by his side and he decides to thank her by giving her a birthday party.

Cookie can be seen getting ready and she tells her family that all she wants for the evening is to have a nice family dinner without any drama. However, when it is Empire, there cannot be anything without any drama.

In other news related to Empire Season 2, fans are waiting to find out who was it that had pushed Rhoda. Since the midseason premiere showed Anika (Grace Gealey) walking out with Rhonda lying down on the floor, it was presumed that she was responsible. Gealey has, however, not revealed anything.She has said that fans will be surprised to see what’s in store and that Anika might not be as crazy as the viewers consider her to be.

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