Spoilers and Updates for Teen Wolf Season 6, Updates On Dylan O’Brien’s Accident On the Sets of Maze Runner: The Death Cure!

Teen Wolf is an American television series that has been developed for MTV by Jeff Davis. It is somewhat based on the Teen Wolf film that was released back in 1985. The fifth season of this TV series joust came to an end and it is about to step into its sixth season.

The latest reports regarding this series suggest that Arden Cho who plays the role of Kira in the series will not be back for the sixth season. She was seen left off in the desert by Tyler Posey’s Scott, where she was to repay the debt that she owed to the Skinwalkers.

The last season did not provide any hints that it was going to be last season for Kira on the show and thus, this news has shocked a number of fans. The announcement came via a video that was posted on YouTube by Arden Cho herself.

In that video, she stated that her character will not be returning for the next season. Readers can check out the video here in which she states- “I just want to say I love Kira Yukimura so much, I love the Yukimura family. I loved my experience on Teen Wolf. I love the cast and crew, it’s been an amazing three-and-a-half years. It’s gone by so fast, but unfortunately, it looks like we are wrapped up with Kira’s storyline and she won’t be coming back for season 6.”

The reason behind her departure is not clear from the video. However, she added that her exit could be due to the fact that the show already has too many characters and thus, it was time to eliminate some characters from the scene.

She also added that she wished that the powers of Kira were developed a bit more by the showrunners and the angle with the Skinwalkers could have been developed a bit more too! A more epic ending is what she had in mind for Kira.

All being said, she also dropped hints that the showrunners might bring back her character to the show in the future. Cho says- “You never know with Teen Wolf. People might come back.”

Kira had become quite popular among fans and thus her exit is bound to cause disappointment amongst them. However, keeping in mind what she said about characters returning, they may cling on to the hope of her returning to the show sometime in the future. MTV is yet to comment on the whole matter.

Tyler Posey who plays Scott McCall in the show recently came forward with a statement in which he revealed that the next season is going to be a good one. He added that everyone associated with the series always tries to innovate things and do never-before-done things. The next season will reflect these efforts as it will contain creative and innovative ideas.

He also stated that he won’t be able to provide with any spoilers for the season and he will be directing an episode of it. However, he did not have any idea as to which episode he will be directing. He is also producing the show.

Maze Runner famed Dylan O’Brien is also a part of the TV show. The young actor recently met with an accident while shooting for the third iteration of Maze Runner movie- Maze Runner: The Death Cure.

Posey was asked about the current condition of his co-star O’Brien. He replied to the question by stating that he is okay at the moment. Initially, everyone was very scared, however, he is getting better and has been discharged from the hospital and brought back home.

It is not exactly clear what the accident was that put Dylan in such a condition. Posey was asked to shed light on the matter. However, he stated that he does not know much about the matter. He just knows that it was a stunt related accident.

The accident took place on March 17 and on that day WorkSafeBC released an anonymous report which stated– “A worker was leaving the filming area on a motorcycle after completing a stunt sequence. The motorcycle went into a slide while turning onto a side road. The worker struck his head on the pavement and temporarily lost consciousness.”