DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Move to The Future World, Episodes Becoming Repetitive, Patrick J. Adams Joins the Cast!

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is moving towards its season finale and there are talks of a new character coming in for it. There has been a lot of speculation on who will play the role in the season finale and EW has come out to reveal that the character’s identity might be unknown, but he will be brought to life by Patrick J. Adams. The character is set to be a loveable character, who is going to be a lot of fun.

Progeny, the last week’s episode was all about time travel. The episode dealt with a future where the world was controlled by the fascist corporates.

There has always been a notion that DC’s Legends of Tomorrow tend to follow features and idiosyncrasies of other shows. With its previous episode, the series seemed to have drawn heavily on Continuum.

While the latter didn’t start the genre of time-travel and of a future controlled by fascist corporates, it was a little difficult to watch DC’s Legends of Tomorrow without thinking of Continuum in the last episode.

There is also the time and tested plot of forming a panel to kill Hitler and save the world and then the subplot in which Ray realizes that his greatest idea has been used by the police if the state as a primary tool.

None of these similar plotlines are indicative of something wrong that DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is doing. It just proves that the show hasn’t developed its own characteristic, which will make it stand apart from the other shows that are currently on air.

TV.com has reported that DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has a long way to go to establish its identity. There are shows with 22 episodes or more at their display, who can spend eight or nine episodes to prepare the layout before delving into creating their own identity.

After the first few episodes of Vandal Savage, the creative team of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow decided that as a villain, he tended to become a little boring and hence decided to focus their attention.

Next they went on to show how every character’s personality clashed with the situation that they were in. However, this too became about Vandal Savage, with the Team trying to stop him. In such a situation, the episodes tended to become very repetitive.

In the midst of it all, the fans enjoyed the moment in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow where Ray imagines that he has a child, who grows up to become Dr. Brie in 2147. He has been using Ray’s ATOM suit as a tool in the hands of the corporate-run police.

This is amusing since there is a possibility of a love child being present as confessed by Ray to Kendra. However, it doesn’t happen like that ultimately, since it turns out that Ray has a brother called Sidney, who made a name for himself by selling off Ray’s gadgets.

This week the members of Team Waverider will find themselves in the future world of 2146. They will see Savage Vandal, mentoring Per Degaton. He is destined to become the greatest mass murderer in the world.

The DC Comic has a character called Per Degaton, but fans were confused to realize that the comic book character had nothing in common with the little boy who shared his name.

Since Savage Vandal had been creating time bombs by training evil minds like Captain Cold and Per Degaton, Rip Hunter realizes that if they murder Per Degaton, some of the problems that the future will face, will be eliminated. That is when the Team realize that they should instead place Per Degaton in a different timeline, which will solve all problems.