Elizabeth Blackmore Appears in Supernatural Season 11, Winchester Brothers Head to Colorado, Fans Looking Forward to Interesting Episodes!

Vampire Diaries alum, Elizabeth Blackmore is going to be joining Supernatural Season 11. Blackmore is known for her role of the heretic, Valerie in Vampire Diaries, but she will be taking a break from the series to play an important role in Supernatural Season 11.

Blackmore is set to play the role of Lady Toni Bevell in the next episode of Supernatural Season 11. While there is not much known about her character, Enstarz has informed that she is going to be an ally of the Winchester brothers and will be teaming up with them.

According to E! Online, Lady Toni Bevell is going to be coming from the other side of the pond and will have a lot of things in common with Dean and Sam Winchester. The fact that this mysterious character will end up having a lot of things in common with the Winchesters has piqued the interest of the fans.

Since Blackmore is already part of a show that deals with the supernatural and the mystic, she will not have any difficulty in making the transition. She will be becoming a regular in both the current season and the upcoming season 12 of Supernatural.

In the upcoming episode of Supernatural Season 11, Dean and Sam will be heading to Colorado. CW teased the fans further by adding that the brothers will head over there to take on an old threat in the Chitters. The chitters, as they are popularly called, are mutants who are like the zombie, with green eyes. It is these creatures that they have to deal with in the next episode.

There have been some mysterious disappearances in a small town for the past 27 years and the brothers will be investigating the issue. Dean and Sam will not be alone since they will meet two hunters, who are also out to solve the reason for the disappearances and are out to kill the thing responsible for it. The hunters are in the chase for the supernatural being responsible for the disappearance since they have a personal vendetta against it.

Dean and Sam have a very different technique of work and they do not work well with others. In such circumstances, it will be interesting to watch how they team up with the hunters and work towards solving the case in the small town in Colorado.

It is not just the Chitters that the fans of Supernatural Season 11 can look forward to in the upcoming episode. Christian Post has reported that there is going to be a new God who is going to be introduced in the next episode, as if Lucifer and Amara weren’t a source of problem already.

Given the exciting line-up of events in the upcoming episode, fans will be disappointed to know that Supernatural Season 11 will not air any episodes in the next few weeks. The fans will now have to wait to find out what’s in store for the Winchester brothers.

Jensen Ackles, who plays the role of Dean Winchester in Supernatural Season 11 has informed that he doesn’t know what’s in store for the brothers in the future. The two are surely not going to stop fighting as long as they are alive. He also added that Dean will make an ultimate sacrifice for Sam. Ackles added that if he had to make the choice, he would also tread the same path.