Elizabeth Blackmore Appears in Supernatural Season 11, Winchester Brothers Head to Colorado, Fans Looking Forward to Interesting Episodes!

Supernatural Season 11 is known to be all about supernatural drama and action. However, fans were a little disappointed with the 18th episode. There was hard anything happening in the episode. The episode continued with the characters having a heart to heart conversation. There was a lot of anticipation from the episode, but it was a complete let down since it was extremely slow.

Fans do love to see the brothers have a heart to heart from time and again, but that should be filled in with some action. There was nothing to offer in the previous episode. It showed Rowena lecturing Amara and Lucifer about how important it would be for them if the two along with Dean and Sam speak to Crowley.

Misha Collins continues to shine as Lucifer and the partnership between Amara and Rowena is going to be an interesting trajectory. Rowena played by Ruth Connell is doing a great job, ever since the episode ‘O Brother Where Art Thor?’ There was pathos when she admitted that she chose to never care so that she would never get hurt.

This immediately makes the viewers remember the moment when she lusted for Lucifer, but he instead snapped her neck off. Amara, unleashes her power as The Darkness and makes it very clear who is in charge as she tortures Lucifer, leaving the space for Crowley to come and take charge.

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